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Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Production Technician

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Length of Study:
1 year

Type of Degree/Diploma:
Technical Diploma

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Program Overview:
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Production Technician is a well-rounded approach to becoming a CNC Technician. Students learn the skills necessary to become qualified set-up technicians. They learn the basics of G-Code programming, proper M-Code usage and the required steps to efficiently set fixture and tool offsets. Students create their own CNC programs and DNC to the proper machine tool. Students gain an excellent overall knowledge of CNC Controls by working on several different brand name controls. Overall, students will be proficient at programming, set-up, operation, editing and part inspection.

Median Salary Six Months After Graduation:

Some Occupations Related to This Career:
CNC Machinist
CNC Set-up
CNC Operator

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